Cat crying

Learn why your cat is crying and discover effective solutions to help calm your feline friend. Find out how to provide comfort and address any underlying issues causing distress.
13 Photos Of Cats Gone Insane On Catnip Will Make You Smile | Cuteness Catnip, Cats, Cute Cats, Cat Photo, Corgi, Cute, Going Insane, Do Anything, Smile

Another spring, another crop of bad kittehs getting hooked on the green stuff. 1. "When catnip is life!" 2. Wait for it ... * Asterisk = the ego might be bruised but his body was fine. 3. "When you're more like their dealer than their fur mom." 😂 😂 😂 4. Get someone to look at you the way this cat looks at a scratching post dusted with fresh nip. 5. "

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