Calligraphy nibs

Discover the top calligraphy nibs that will enhance your writing experience. Find the perfect nibs to create beautiful and intricate lettering for your artistic projects.
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How to prepare calligraphy nibs

Find out how to prepare your calligraphy nibs for writing with these easy methods. There’s nothing worse than thinking that you’ve loaded your nib with ink to find that it completely resists. If only you were told that new nibs actually need cleaning first!

Ilija Ciric
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Calligraphy Nibs Flex Scale (FS) and How To Prep New Nibs

This flex scale is based on personal point of view of Dr. Gail Madalag to come up with a useful guide and reference. Brand new nibs were used to test the flexibility. Flex scale (FS) ranges from 1 (least flexible) to 5 (most flexible). Modern nibs as point of reference:1 - Gillot 4042 - Nikko G, Tachikawa G3 - Hunt 56,

Elena Blagovernaya
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Get on the Speedball

There is nothing like a Speedball pen nib for the ease of making fluid, swirly and blocky letters. They were popular in 1933 when the Speedball Text Book was on the market (the one above is the 12th Edition); and if you tear yourself away from the computer for a few moments, they are still sold in art supply stores today. If you are nonetheless totally wed to the mouse or tablet, I herewith show you some samples – and what you’re missing. #Speedballpen #DailyHeller #typograph

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