Call my power back to me

Take control of your life and reclaim your power with a powerful technique. Learn how to call your power back to you and create the life you desire. Start your journey towards empowerment today.
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🌿🛸💖October 17, 2022💖🛸🌿 💙VORTEX💙 (Salt Water Spirit Oracle Cards)💥AFFIRM- I call back my power from all people, places, or things which knowingly or unknowingly hold on to my energy. I sever all energetic connections that do not serve my highest good.⚡️KEY WORDS: Gather, Extract, Calling Back Your Power⚡️ A vortex is a whirling pool of water which pulls all things surrounding it back into itself. The way we call back our power works in the same way that a vortex does. Our energetic…

Stephanie Akusis