Brick bulletin board classroom

Transform your classroom with a brick bulletin board that adds texture and style. Explore top ideas to inspire and engage your students in a visually appealing learning environment.
Looking for inspiration to decorate your high school classroom? Look no further! Tour my high school English flexible seating classroom with links to decor and setup items, and explanations for my creative process, teacher desks, and bulletin boards . Make decorating meaningful and functional! Classroom Décor, Tours, Bulletin Boards, High School, Classroom Setup, Classroom Themes, Decoration, Classroom Decor High School, Middle School Classroom

This is my 11th year teaching secondary English, and my 5th year in my second school district. I started from scratch when I moved to my current school, but I didn't really decorate during my first year (see picture below). It wasn't unit three summers ago that I did a big makeover thanks to the

Marie Black

Small things that make a big statement! Just call me a faux plant lady because I can’t keep the real ones alive for long! I love how they look, especially combined with the neutral tones associated…

Kelsey Day

Welcome to my Harry Potter Farmhouse Chic classroom! Before I get into the nitty gritty, I want to remind all of my readers that your classroom DOES NOT have to be "Pinterest worthy". Your classroom is your space and you can do as much or as little as you want! It doesn't have to look like everyone else's! Have YOUR personality shine through! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Alright, are you all ready for some deets?! Here we go! I knew I…

Andrea Davila

Classroom bulletin boards are super useful for student work you want to display, for welcoming students into the room, and for displaying important teaching materials, but unfortunately not all classrooms have enough (or any) bulletin boards. Here are some simple DIY bulletin board alternatives !

Nicole Young