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I created a visual identity for a Motion Designer.His name and surname (Moroz Mykola) start with the same letter "M". I based my project on these two letters. They are great at creating dynamic compositions. In my opinion, this is appropriate for a Motion Designer.But I decided not to limit the use of only two letters. It is also possible to use the full name and surname. They are combined into a dynamic composition.

Shrabani Baruah
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xtremely Unusual is a design studio based in Accra, Ghana and they shared a branding and visual identity for Sapphire Casa. Sapphire Casa is more than just any construction company. They love to build peoples dreams. The process of making something out of nothing is really fulfilling. They enjoy the process of creation and making spaces heritable and fit for purpose. They are the sum of the things we’ve done, the people we cherish, and the places we’ve been.

Wanderson paulino