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Enhance the ambiance of your outdoor space with these creative DIY bottle tiki torch ideas. Learn how to make stunning torches that will add a warm and inviting glow to your backyard.
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Is your recycling bin overflowing with old wine, beer, and soda bottles? Glass bottles fill local dumps and monster landfill sites all over the world. While households can cut down on unnecessary waste by reusing glass bottles for food and liquid storage, many of us simply have more old bottles than we know what to do with. If that's the case at your home, it’s time to get creative! Sometimes, simply adding paint, twine, and other decorative craft supplies is all that’s needed to give an old…

Wayne Dahl
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Custom Made Tiki Torches Repurposed Liquor Bottles with Plumbing Supplies We thought we were really smart when we splurged for the extra-large Tiki torches at Target. We bought the Island Kings and they were not cheap, and we needed at least seven of them for strategic placement around our deck. Yes, they looked nice that first summer and we were completely enamored with anything that we could come up with that made our deck a nightime oasis. But over time, the honeymoon period ends and you…

Amanda Byers
We hit up the hardware store to make a recycled wine bottle torch filled with citronella -- not as classy as the real thing, but it keeps the bugs at bay. Diy, Torches Diy, Bottle Torch, Bottle Tiki Torch Diy, Recycled Bottles, Bottle Crafts, Bottles And Jars, Wine Bottle Torches, Glass Bottles

Inspired by the this Recycled Wine Bottle Torch post and annoyed by mosquitoes this week (how is it that they’re already out and there’s been only a few weeks of spring?), we hit up the hardware store and threw together a $3.48 recycled wine bottle torch filled with citronella. While it’s not as classy as the real thing (nor as safe), it keeps the bugs at bay and looks pretty good. And it was quick and cheap.

Marilyn Gaddy