Boss and leader

Discover the key differences between a boss and a leader and their impact on teams. Learn how to become an effective leader and inspire your team to achieve greatness.
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This blog is inspired by the facebook posts from Best Quotes (The photos are obviously from Best Quotes). My friend and colleague Rommel Alvarez was so kind to have shared the posts on my timeline. Here is what I thought about a LEADER and a BOSS.... A BOSS CHOKES HIS SUBORDINATES A boss may think that he can do whatever he wants with his subordinates. You can't even question him because he thinks you are undermining his orders. He does not care about his employees. His heart belongs to his…

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A boss manages their employee while a leader strives to inspire and motivate them. A boss typically place emphasis in terms of his or her own benefit while a leader see benefits and potential in all aspects. The following info-graphic and video (shorter version with 8 differentiating attributes) points out most of the possible differences […]

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