Boro stitching

Discover the art of Boro stitching and explore unique ideas to incorporate this traditional Japanese patchwork technique into your creative projects. Get inspired to create one-of-a-kind designs with Boro stitching.
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I have been working on a piece of textile art that was destined to become the cover for a personal art journal project of mine. I was going for a soft, romantic look so that my journal would be calm on the outside and then (as it happens most of the time) an explosion of

Maureen Stephens
Gayle Ortiz: Japanese Boro Class Shashiko Embroidery, Japanese Boro, Boro Stitching, Sac Diy, Japanese Bag, Japanese Quilts, Textile Bag, Sashiko Embroidery, Fabric Purses

I took a Japanese Boro class last weekend from Jody Alexander, a local book, textile and installation artist. I've been an admirer of her work for many years and have recently begun taking classes with her. Jody is an excellent teacher. I like her classes because she is thorough, brings tons of books and materials to share and paces her classes so that you don't feel rushed. Just so I don't get it wrong, here is the Wikipedia definition of Boro. There has been a lot of discussion lately…

Barbara Martin