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Discover fashion ideas that celebrate body positivity and embrace all sizes. Find inspiration to express your unique style and feel confident in your own skin.
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With seemingly ‘perfect’ social media posts hammering on your self-worth each and every day, it’s easy to get lost in the noise and believe that you might not look as good as you do. Correct posing, professional lighting, getting implants, having the entire day to exercise before photos, taking countless pictures until you get the right one, and photo-editing can turn anyone into an Instagram model or a fitness blogging star. However, it’s an inaccurate representation of reality and it can…

kirsten wolfcale
Vogue Greece puts 14 women on the March 2022 covers -- women who have made peace with their bodies. Vogue, Design, The Essential, Women, Fashion Editor, Vogue Photography, Vogue Magazine, Real Bodies, Fashion Story

The March 2022 issue of Vogue Greece joins a global Vogue project that unites all editions of Vogue, asking the essential question: In the age of the perfect image, how easy is it to truly love our "unfiltered" body? Photographer Thanassis Krikis [IG] photographs 14 women “with real bodies” [we hope so!] and shares them with no retouching.

Liv Karsenbarg
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We live in a world that is very much influenced by social media. And what we usually scroll through is a never-ending chain of pictures that showcase happy people with perfect bodies in beautiful places. If there were times when these moments from someone’s life used to encourage us to strive for more and for the better, now often people find these images to be a reminder that someone is doing much more than you. Despite the fact that society doesn’t avoid various discussions about body…

Kira Anon
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Move over, supermodels! It’s time to celebrate the true definition of perfection, and it comes in the form of the fabulous Kelly Brook and her curvaceous, fuller figure. Say goodbye to restrictive beauty standards and hello to a new era of body positivity. Kelly proves that curves are not just beautiful, they’re downright dazzling. So, let her serve as a reminder that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Kaitlyn Caudill