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Celebrate the miracle of homebirth with breathtaking photography ideas. Discover how to capture the raw emotions and precious moments of this intimate experience.
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I have been meaning to write these words for a long while. But every time I get a minute and begin the process, the words just don’t come. I feel they are words that deserve more than a quick write up. They deserve the most eloquent language… but it feels difficult to express the deep […]

Ashley Blair Smith
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A Beautiful Home Water Birth I am falling more and more in love with documenting birth stories. thank you so much to the Williams ohana for having me for the special day of their bebegirl being born. it’s hard to even come up with words to witness such an otherworldly experience. Sarah blew me away...

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I have two friends who had homebirths last summer. One had an unassisted water birth, and the other had a midwife-assisted homebirth. When my husband Carlos and I got pregnant last fall, I knew that I wanted a homebirth. I had birthed four babies previously, all with OB/GYNs in a hospital (with induction and pain relief), and I wasn’t happy with those experiences. I spoke with Carlos and he said that he would support me having our baby at home. I called Jen & Jill, the midwives that had…

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