Biro portrait

Learn how to create stunning biro portraits with these top ideas. Explore techniques, tips, and inspiration to bring your portraits to life using a simple pen.
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Colors and looks that can only be achieved, with a ballpoint pen. Swiss Artist Alberto Russo is an Illustrator and Drawing Teacher. The following are the medium he specialises in: "I teach traditional techniques (pencil drawing, charcoal, colored pencils, ballpoint pen, acrylic paint) as well as digital painting (painting on computer using a graphic tablet and a stylus )." The scribble drawing style is a fascinating one; the first impression is one of a randomness, that doesn't really focus…

Ruth Houston
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I’m a fine artist, based in England and I am developing my skill at painting in my home studio. I mostly use oil paints on canvas and I tend to work in very few sittings. Sometimes it can take weeks to get a painting right and other times it can be done in a few hours.

Reda Žarskienė