Bible study room decor spaces

Transform your small space into a tranquil and inspiring Bible study room with these decor ideas. Create a peaceful and sacred atmosphere to enhance your spiritual journey.
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It will be a drum I beat until the day I die. The topic I return to over and over again. Our personal QUIET TIME with God must be our first priority. Because when we become better it is only because we are becoming more like Jesus. And when we are becoming more like Jesus it is because we have spent

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One of the simplest things you can do to strengthen your prayer life is simply to make a list of things you want to pray about. Many of us have experienced coming into a prayer time with great intentions, and then running out of things to say in about a minute and a half. A … Continue reading Tools for a Life of Prayer: Using a Prayer List

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It was in a tough season of parenting when the Lord first prompted me to pray Scripture over each room of my home. Our morning had been filled with tantrums and tears, by both me and my children. As I waved good-bye to them as they headed for school, I knew I needed to reclaim

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