Battery recycling

Learn about the importance of battery recycling and discover effective methods and tips to properly recycle your batteries. Help protect the environment and reduce waste by recycling your batteries today.
Reuse an old container, turn it into a dead battery storage container! When it's full take it to an e-waste recycling center. #WeLoveEarth #novistars Organisation, Battery Organization, Pringles Can, Waste Recycling, Battery Repair, Battery Recycling, Recycle Cans, Upcycle Repurpose, Recycling Center

I admit it, I'm guilty of throwing away a battery or two in the trash. I guess I just didn't want to keep them around until I came across a way to recycle them, and get the dead ones mixed up with the good ones. So, I decided to turn this old stuffing mix container into my own dead battery holder. It was the perfect shape to turn into a giant battery. All I did was cut a hole in the lid that would fit a D battery, covered the outside with orange and black construction paper, and used a white…

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