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Find unique and fun ways to display bathroom sign out sheets in your home. Keep track of who's in the bathroom with these creative ideas that add a touch of personality to your space.
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There are many uses that a bathroom sign out sheet has. The most visible thing is its function as a tool for tracking who enters the bathroom and their frequency within a certain period of time.

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Trying to find the perfect sign to pull your bathroom decor together? Grab one from this collection of the most popular sayings. Just print and frame! hilarious bathroom signs, funny bathroom signs,

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If you are a preschool, kindergarten or first grade teacher you know that bathroom issues are a constant battle. Actually, our second grade and third grade friends have difficulty remembering bathroom routines as well. When my children were little I often used strategies that I found helpful for my students with autism such as visuals and […]

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Only a teacher would understand the need for an entire web page devoted to creating procedures for the bathroom, hallway, and water fountain! Neglecting to plan for these routines can cost you nearly a half an hour’s worth of instructional time each day. On this page excerpted from The Cornerstone book, you’ll learn how to create … Continued

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There are lots of things we can say in a day, — but if I can give my kinders a visual reminder, clue or flat out visual direction — I choose that option. I find that if I can choose only to talk when its most important, then my words carry more weight. {Annnnd, they...

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I am excited to be a part of this link up! Are you ready for some... BRIGHT IDEAS? My tip this time... How do you know who leaves the room to go to the restroom? I've tried numerous ideas over the years. I've had my students put a cup or other item on their desk, I've used hall passes (which to me is kinda gross considering where it is going), and I've had students sign out on a clip board. Last year, I found these cute little melamine plates on sale at Hobby Lobby and decided that they…

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Introducing our convenient and fun printable bathroom door signs, designed specifically for parents of young children! With captivating illustrations and clear instructions, these signs make it easy for little ones to identify the bathroom and understand when it is occupied.

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