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Do you really need to put a backsplash behind your bathroom vanity? Or is it just one more design decision to make when you are already overwhelmed by your bathroom renovation? We've researched the functional purpose and aesthetic value of a backsplash to let you know if it is a necessity worth considering. While it may […]

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When redoing your bathroom sink you might wonder what sort of backsplash or tile to have behind it. We've checked in with our home decor experts and gathered some fantastic ideas of materials to use for your bathroom sink backsplash. Let's take a look at what we found out. Tiling behind a sink is a […]

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The Cloé Collection is glazed ceramic wall tile characterized by its brilliant colors, smooth gloss finish and interesting variations in hues and tones. Its eight colors: White, Creme, Baby Blue, Grey, Pink, Green, Blue and Black, can be used in a wide range of combinations. Cloé's two sizes, 5x5and 2.5x 8, allow for modern and classic looks. For a pop of pattern, we've included a 5x5 black and white Loire deco. Trim out your projects with the ½x8 Jolly Miter Edge Trim in a gloss finish.

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Peel & Stick tile, is it as good as it sounds? YES! I'm answering your questions on this Peel & Stick Marble Tile Backsplash and sharing a full tutorial!

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