Basic bodice pattern

Learn how to make a basic bodice pattern to achieve a flawless fit for your garments. Follow these step-by-step instructions and start sewing your own stylish outfits today.
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Follow my tutorial and draft a basic bodice block (bodice sloper) based on your body measurements. Enter the measurements into the user-friendly calculator, which computes approximate fabric consumption for the bodice and includes the measurements you have taken (and also measurements, that need to be calculated) in the detailed step-by-step pattern drafting tutorial, which you can easily download as a pdf document into your computer.

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Hi Clouds, today im sharing with you a basic bodice sloper ive been working on, to make a set that is easier to make and equally effective than the complicated ones. The most important thing when tracing any garment pattern is to take the measurements correctly. so here you have some pictures that will help you. And remember we have this video about how to take measurements of others and also your own measurements. And here you have the video class to trace your basic body sloper, and some…

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A number of you had asked to see me taking my measurements. A video would probably be a little better than pictures, but hopefully, the pictures will help to answer some of your questions. Begin by measuring your neck circumference. This measurement does not have ease as we are looking for the exact neckline for our slopers Next, measure from your shoulder to bust point. The tape measure should be placed right at the intersection of the neck and shoulder and then extend to the bust point…

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