Basement insulation

Discover the best basement insulation ideas to improve energy efficiency and create a comfortable living space. Upgrade your basement with these tips and save on heating and cooling costs.
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Basements are known for being one of the coldest rooms in a home. But do their ceilings need insulation? We've researched whether or not basements need to have insulated ceilings, and in this post, we will share our findings with you. Basements don't require insulation. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to installing insulation in […]

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We all know insulation is important to having a comfortable and energy-efficient home. Check out these 24 things to consider when thinking about adding insulation to your house.

Cindy O'Shields Crawford
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Here’s a question that I’ve been getting more and more lately and it has to do with the “wall wrap” insulation blanket that is being installed in so many newer homes. The question is: Do I remove this insulation before I build my new framed walls or do I just build in front of it?

Deb Pexton