Automatic watches for men

Discover a wide range of automatic watches for men that combine precision and sophistication. Upgrade your wrist game and make a statement with these timeless timepieces.
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Out of love for Seiko, we have put together this list of top 15 best Seiko watches for men that will surely make you want to own a Seiko watch. From regular quartz and automatic movements up to the honorable mention of Grand Seiko, you will find a list of 15 great Seiko men's watches.

Lavinia Gunea
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Few of Timex's mechanical models can claim to have been more successful than the Marlin. The dress watch, first launched in the 60s, is most likely the platonic ideal a baby boomer imagines when you mention the word "watch," even today. This latest iteration of the famed reference--the Marlin Automatic Sub-Dial--is both an interesting evolution and a notable departure, in many ways.