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Unlock the potential of your creative work through art licensing. Learn how to monetize your art and turn your passion into a profitable business. Take the first step towards success today.
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Thinking of partnering with an art licensing agency for your surface pattern designs and illustrations? Today I'm sharing my steps on how to find an agent and giving you a list of 50 plus art licensing agencies to consider working with.

Asma Ali
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What is print on demand and how can artists profit from it? Print on demand is a production model where products with custom printed designs are produced as customers order them. In this post I’ll share my top tips for selling your art on print on demand sites, and how print on demand became one of

Margo Richards
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Understanding common pattern design terms as a surface designer allows you to talk confidently with companies and potential clients who are interested in your art licensing portfolio. We’re discussing the 10 most common terms like coordinate pattern, half drop repeat, and more.

Jude Hagerty
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If you want to be a professional artist, your journey starts with a powerful portfolio. In this post, I’ll walk you through actionable strategies to create a strong portfolio that will help you stand out from the crowd. No matter what your goal is as a professional artist, your portfolio is the key

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