Art brut

Discover the raw and unfiltered beauty of Art Brut. Uncover the unique artistic expressions and unconventional techniques used by artists in this captivating art movement.
Monstre sorti dune carte de tarot #1 - Painting,  115x65 cm ©2018 by Doudoudidon -                                                              Outsider Art, Canvas, Outer Space, art singulier, outsider art, art brut, loic tarin, doudoudidon Outsider Art, Art, Folk Art, Outsider Art Painting, Art Gallery, Art Art, Art Journal, Artwork, Art Journal Inspiration

Monster out of a tarot card # 1 format 115 X 65 on polymer canvas singular art outsider art signed doudoudidon - Loïc TARIN About this artwork: Classification, Techniques & Styles Acrylic Paint using traditional pigments mixed with synthetic resins. Outsider Art Invented by Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985) in 1945, the idea is to create works with primitive graphics that take no academic reference into account. He will also advise to "draw like a child" and encourage self-taught artists. Technic…

Dániel Lebeda
"Neo-expressionism, brut art, spontaneous art, black and colors, free figuration" Art Print by dugardeyn | Redbubble Urban Art, Neo Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Art, Street Art, Murals Street Art, Abstract Expressionism Art, Graphic Design Art, Funky Art

Gallery-grade prints on high-quality paper, this is the real deal Lightly textured 100% cotton paper Custom sizes, based on artwork dimensions. Check size chart if self-framing Dimensions include a 1 - 2 inch (2.5 - 5.0cm) white border to assist in framing Shipped in protective packaging