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(Quick note, everybody is at least a few years younger than in the original, like, 14/15.) During a mission in Crocus, Team Natsu were preparing for an expedition in a nearby forest with fearful monsters and deadly beings. Lucy had to buy some equipment, only stepping out for a number of minutes. While she was out, the team was attacked by another group from the dark guild, Moonlight Secrets, and were almost defeated. When Lucy returned, she found the inn they were staying at, in shambles…

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NOTE: This article is about Ariel from the original 1989 animated film. For the 2023 live-action remake counterpart of Ariel that’s portrayed by Halle Bailey, go here. Ariel, also known as Princess Ariel, is the titular main protagonist of The Little Mermaid franchise, being the main protagonist of the 1989 film, the 1992 animated series, and the 2008 prequel and the deuteragonist of the 2000 sequel. She is the first Disney Princess to be of non-human heritage and so far the only Disney…