Archeology museum architecture

Uncover the architectural wonders of archeology museums and dive into the rich history they hold. Discover top ideas for designing and constructing these captivating structures.
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The concept of the building is made in the form of flowing lava, for a harmonious fit under the mountainous terrain. The fusion of the glazed observation deck and the roof of the underground floor, which looks like a rupture of tectonic plates, conveys harmony and at the same time chaos, while resembling the natural environment.

Museu de Foz Coa by Camilo Rebelo and Tiago Pimentel Design, Art, Museums, Museum Architecture, Architecture, Modern Architecture, Facade, Architectural Photographers, Architect

Architectural photographer Nelson Garrido has sent us these photographs of a museum with a carved stone facade in the Côa Valley, Portugal, designed by Portuguese architects Camilo Rebelo and Tiago Pimentel. Located on a world heritage site with impressive mountain scenery, Museu de Foz Coa displays local Paleolithic art. The interior walls of the museum are