Aperture examples

Explore stunning aperture examples that will inspire your photography. Learn how to use different apertures to create beautiful depth of field and capture amazing images.
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Before I start this post I would just like to say, I am not a “professional” photographer. I am writing from experience built up over the past 5 years while helping on simply-delicious-food.com and my love of photography. I do not actually take any of the photo’s here, I just pass on any knowledge I may...

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Well this is the last basic feature of your camera settings that can help you take amazing photographs. We've already covered ISO and shutter speed so all that is left is aperture.So you know that your lens has a shutter that opens and closes to let in light, but this shutter fulfills another…

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I am super duper excited about this giveaway, you guys! (and the mega awesome coupon code… stay tuned) Keep reading and then enter the giveaway at the end of this post! I was recently contacted by the awesome people from Shot Rockers, which is a website dedicated to making photography understandable, easy to learn, and …

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