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After her friend sadly passed away, a sweet woman was left a bracelet and ring in her will. She had no idea how much it was worth and brought it to the Antique’s Roadshow in New Orleans where she was stunned with the appraisal amount. #AntiquesRoadshow #Jewelry #Appraisal via @madlyoddcom Antiques Value, Antique Appraisal, Ring And Bracelet, Bracelet And Ring, Antiques Roadshow, Jewelry Appraisal, Farmhouse Dining, Passed Away, Enough Is Enough

Humble Woman Gets Shocking Appraisal on Antiques Roadshow

The Antiques Roadshow is filled with unique, rare, and never before seen treasures. While some things guests may bring in may only be worth a few bucks, others can be worth life-changing amounts of money. One woman brings in a gorgeous diamond ring and bracelet set that a family friend left her in her will.

Geri Noone Fortner