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Explore a collection of 10 awesome anime guys with blue hair. From mysterious to charismatic, find your favorite blue-haired character and dive into their captivating stories.
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"HE'S MINE!" - C7: "Character..."

"Because I'm no one..." I answered to the beautiful girl before me as she angered face ruined her cute facial. Compare to her I was only a mere duckling and she's the beautiful swan. I heard footsteps from afar as the girl before I turned a 360° degree turn of character. To the dark flaming eyes, pitiful crystal tears covered her eyes as her whole body shivered like a bunny. By then, 7 handsomely dashing boys came to watch the situation or more like a misunderstanding. 'Will I get a bad…

Nikki Neko
Himeru Enstars, Mens Blue Hair, Mother Died, Light Blue Hair, Giving Birth, Anime Drawings Boy, Boy Art, The Villain

When the Villainess hooks up with the Villain

Asmodeus Hellia Emerald was a pitiful girl. Her mother died giving birth to her. Her father and brother shunned her. A illegitimate daughter came in and took the love of her "family". She is then unjustly executed for a crime she did not commit. Gifted with memories of the future Asmodeus decides to rewrite her fate as the villainess.