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Project 4:Balloon with String

Once you are happy with your balloon's movement and it really moves like a balloon, it time to add a little something called "Follow Thru". You have hopefully learned how to inbetween from Key pose to pose for the balloon, but now its time to animate using the Straight ahead method by animating a string on a balloon. When your balloon moves it effects the string which is behind it. Below are two examples of the wave action which is from Richard Williams' The Animators Survival Kit and…

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Your Child Wants to be an Animator? 3 tips from a Former Disney Animator — The Animation Course

Each year as the summer closes and a new school year begins, I tend to see a predictable trend emerge. All of my animation students and their parents start thinking about the same exact thing -- college. They wonder, “Where should I go to college?” or “Should I go to college at all?” and, “Can I wor

BVA224 3D ANIMATION FALL 2017: Class 6 09/27/2016 Jump Animation, Animation Drawing Sketches, Animation Classes, Learn Animation, Drawing Cartoon Faces, Pixel Animation, Frame By Frame Animation, Animation Sketches, Animation Art Sketches

Class 6 09/27/2016

Hi guys! Please continue to work on your running and jumping animations. HanJun, -Please be sure to add more key poses to your animation. I would like to see the hands and feet really connect to the surfaces they are pushing off of. Watch as many references as you can and observe how these parkour moves work. -Work on speeding up your run. -Simplify your camera. I think you may only need two shots. EunYoung, -Work on ramping up your run cycle, and fixing the body as your character is…

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