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Description I made this YEARS ago when I made my other alphabets, and chose to never share it. I kept it to myself, secret, like the tribe it belongs too. Truth be told I wasn't sure at the time if I may have other intentions for this alphabet, but it's kept it's association all these years. I'm sharing the scan of my Sheikah alphabet now, for various reasons. Such as the fact that I find it somewhat ironic that the new Hylian in Skyward Sword somewhat resembles Sheikah, in a sense. The more…

Estelle Thorinston
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Nov 23, 2019 - Description Revamped my Trucian alphabets. It's much more detailed and easy to understand, now; I'm thinking I might change/add a few things, though. A few interesting notes: Before the invention of writing utensils, Trucians wrote by either scratching messages into wooden tablets with their claws or by dipping their claws into colored dyes. Trucians write top-bottom, left-right. The Trucian alphabet has no lower-case letters. The Trucian higher-number system (#'s 9+) operates…

Shahed Rababah
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Chapter 3 - The First Writing, Story of The World Today we read chapter 3 which was a short chapter on the earliest people to use writings, i.e. the Egyptians and Sumerians. The girls then cut out the relevant lapbooking piece from The Chronicles of the Earth blog. They had to write something in both hieroglyphs and cuneiform into a little fold over matchbook. I printed out the heiroglyph alphabet from here Heiroglyph Chart and each girl then wrote something for the other person to decipher…

Galdrabok, The Medieval Grimoire That Sheds Light on the Occult Practices of Iceland | Ancient Origins Norse Mythology, English, Ancient Scripts, Ancient Languages, Norse Runes, Ancient Writing, Old Norse, Norse, Ancient Origins

Perhaps not as well-known as other grimoires, the Galdrabok, an Icelandic ‘book of magic’, is one of the most important surviving documents for the practices and understanding of occult practices in Iceland in the late Medieval era. It offers a unique insight into the various elements that contributed to a national magical tradition in Iceland at the time of its compilation.

Elizabeth Kilcer