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Explore the inspiring story and creative process of an artist. Uncover their unique perspective and discover their captivating artworks. Join us on a journey of imagination and creativity.
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By Carrie Lewis in Art Business Advice > General Art Advice When most artists think about making money with their art, three things immediately come to mind: selling originals, doing commission work, and selling prints. Some artists might also think of teaching, or design jobs. But are those the only ways to make money as an artist? Absolutely not! In fact, we’ve put together a huge list of 77 ways you could turn your artistic skills into income. Not all of these […]

Susan McDonald
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Answering your Instagram questions one week at a time. This week I'm tackling the question from a user, "How do you get inspiration for all your piece?" Learn about what inspires my works and how collection pieces differ from custom commissions. Leave your own question or comment on the blog!

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Nikita Busyak invented an ingenious way to spark up his drawings, making them look like they came straight out of a Harry Potter movie. Nikita enhances his superb creations with an illuminating pen. And the technique he coined, called “Glowing Archisketch,” breathes life into his illustrations, making it look as if someone has switched the light on inside the drawings.

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