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When most people first see Hex, a 7-year-old Samoyed, they might think she’s just really good at winking. In reality, she’s just good at seeing out of one eye, having the other removed in 2018 due to glaucoma. Despite the odds, she and owner Mary Drexler still compete in AKC Rally, Obedience, and Agility, placing […]

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No matter how attractive the dog, if he does not exude the correct breed type he must not be rewarded. Breed type is what our sport is about. A judge must first and foremost learn and understand the key elements that constitute the essence of type for each breed that he judges. A judge must […]

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Friendly, active, and outgoing, Labrador Retrievers regularly rank among the most popular dog breeds. There’s a lot to love, and for first-time Lab owners, there’s a lot to get to know — especially over the course of the initial months of your puppy’s first year of life. So what are the key milestones and firsts […]

Rene Schuenemann-Dagostino
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After you’ve welcomed a new puppy into your home, it’s important to ensure you’re setting your puppy up for a long and happy life. Flea and tick protection for puppies is a critical part of that. Add flea and tick puppy prevention to your checklist, along with required and recommended vaccinations for your puppy, the […]

Glenda Jewell
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The RHP Handlers Directory Professional handlers have historically played an important role in dog sports and events. Many owners rely on the expertise of professional handlers in the care, conditioning, and presentation of dogs. For those who use the services of a handler, the experience and education of the professional can mean the difference in […]

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As we continue to breed, show, and finish generations of our dogs over the years, it’s important that we never function on autopilot, participating in the sport mindlessly just because “it’s what we do every weekend.” The cancellation of shows over many months this year gave us a new appreciation of our passion. We learned […]

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