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Explore amazing tattoo designs that are perfect for women. Find inspiration for your next tattoo and express your unique style with confidence.
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It's so easy to get wrapped up in the moment and make a few etiquette mistakes when getting a tattoo. And that's completely understandable. Just like it's not always 100 percent obvious what to do when getting a haircut — how much do you tip? do you…

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Emma Stone

This is the best PSA against tattoos. Parents think they need to tell their kids about possible diseases and infections to ward them off wanting to get a tattoo. But seeing the face of Marilyn Monroe as if she’s had a stroke on someone’s arm can be way scarier. I definitely wouldn’t want to walk around with such a design for the rest of my life, would you?

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(This book has revised and edited. Enjoy :) Winter Maria Lykaios is a 16 year old girl with a fucked up past. Coming from a mafia family, the Greek mafia at that, life wasn't easy for her. With her parents giving her up when she was only 6 years old, Winter has to go through life alone. However, she doesn't resent her family for doing so. She goes through many changes, some good, some bad. What Winter doesn't know is that her journey had only just begun. What adventures will await the 16…

Eshar Singh