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Relive the hilarious and heartwarming moments from the beloved ALF TV show. Discover why this iconic alien captured the hearts of millions and get ready to laugh and cry all over again.
The Plural Of Hyena: My 15 Favorite 1980s Sitcoms Leonardo Dicaprio, Films, Sitcom, Alf, Teenage Years, Famous Movies, 80s, Tv Series, Elvis Movies

Lately, I've been reliving my childhood and re-watching a lot of the old sitcoms from the 1980s that I grew up enjoying. So I decided to make a list of my 15 favorites, more or less in descending order of my preference for them. To narrow my focus as much as possible, I only included my favorite sitcoms that aired for at least half of their total run during the 1980s – some of these started in the '70s and continued into the '80s, while others started in the '80s and continued into the '90s…

Lisa imler