Africa painting

Explore a collection of vibrant Africa paintings that will bring life and energy to your space. Discover the beauty of African art and find the perfect piece to enhance your home decor.
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"Harmony is a captivating abstract oil painting that encapsulates the vibrant spirit and cultural richness of Nigeria. In this remarkable artwork, three Nigerian women come together to create a powerful and harmonious tableau of music, community, and celebration through the beating of local drums. The centra - Harmony

Oleg Kovalski
Original Acrylic Painting of Giraffe Silhouette at Sunset Art, Giraffe Painting, Giraffe Art, Giraffe, Animal Paintings, Giraffe Silhouette, Animal Silhouette, African Art, Kunst

If you ever need a great painting project to do with kids, here's a good one. Last week I did it with 23 5th & 6th graders during our church's Bible school week. They came to me for 30 minutes for 4 days. The final products... Well, see for yourself... Every single one of them was a work of art to be proud of. Before I put all the supplies away, I had my two sweet great nieces over so that they could each make one. They're going to be in kindergarten and second grade. How do you suppose…

Helen Eaton