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Grade Level Duration 4 classes, 80 minutes Materials Graph paper (buy or make your own online here), acrylic Paint, ghost grid posterboard (Poster board featuring a faint, disappearing grid), square dowel cut down to make a stamp (same size as the grids on the poster board), printer, pencil, palette Media Acrylic Paint Lesson Objectives For […]

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First students identified and labeled a 12 part color wheel using crayons. Then they painted the primary, secondary and intermediate colors onto a larger color wheel paper which they divided into 12 equal parts using a ruler. After their papers dried, students cut out a large white circle for the sclera, their color wheel for the iris, and a small black circle for the pupil. Then “skin” was glued on top with the addition of black eyelashes.

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I have done this lesson many times, but this year the results are better than ever before. This year, we had more time to do this project, and therefore their drawings had more detail. This lesson focuses on the concept of foreshortening. This is a hard concept for even experienced artists, so to make it simpler, we traced our hands and feet. The other details were drawn in after. I found the idea for this lesson years ago on the blog Oodles of Art. Over the years, I have adapted this…

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5th graders thought about the vocab word genre and considered the multiple genres that are used in art history. We created out own still lifes with real cacti and drew them making sure to think about the art element of space and overlapping! We utilized our blending skills and our talents with pattern and balance when designing our patterned pots.

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Step 1. Put a visual dot in the center. Step 2. Draw 4 arms from the center either off the page at the sides or at the corners. As the arms go out they should spread apart from each other or get wider as they go out. Step 3. Write your name in capital letters inside the arms. Always start at the dot and work out. Make sure the letters of your name touch the top and the bottom of each line. The letters will get bigger as they go out. Keep writing the letters of your name until you are out of…

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