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Discover a variety of hands-on Montessori activities specifically designed for 3rd grade students. Foster a love for learning and promote independent thinking with these engaging educational ideas.
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Magnet Activities for 3rd Grade — Poet Prints Teaching

Dive into magnets and magnetic force with these STEM challenges, activities, and videos for 3rd grade science. Discover how magnets work and get hands-on with these magnet activities that align to NGSS.

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Biomes Coloring Pages - Blessed Beyond A Doubt

For all you moms and dads playing dual roles as parent and teacher during this period of social isolation, this is a great time to provide your children with fun, hands on activities to learn about the world around them. With these free coloring pages, your children will have

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Bringing Montessori into a traditional classroom

Wow time has flown! In my first post I introduced my classroom to you and what I have been doing in my 'traditional' class. We have just ended week 2 of Term 4. Term 4 is the final part of the school year before schools end for the summer break. Our final week of term 3 was spent at school camp which was a great tim

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20+ Ways to Teach Montessori Geography Kids Will Love - Natural Beach Living

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A morning in my Montessori 6-9 classroom

Due to popular demand this is a glimpse into what happens in my Montessori class in New Zealand. I currently teach Years 1-3. I hope this helps you see some practicalities of my class and may give you some ideas to implement in your own situation. I am by no means an expert and I am happy to answer questions. 9am: M

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