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Step back in time with these elegant 19th century fashion ideas for women. Explore the timeless styles and create your own vintage-inspired looks.
Gods and Foolish Grandeur: The marquise de Las Marismas - two portraits by Winterhalter Lady, Portrait, Victorian Paintings, Victorian Art, Renaissance Paintings, Renaissance Art, Franz Xaver Winterhalter, Old Art, Old Paintings

Painted by Winterhalter in 1857. Claire-Émilie, marquise de Las Marismas, vicomtesse Aguado, née MacDonell. (October 24, 1817, Algiers - April 23, 1905, Paris). When I first started composing this post, I could find nothing on this lovely woman other than her name and the dates of her birth and death. And then, depending on where I read it, even the date of her death and the spelling of her maiden name varied. As I struggled on, I began getting bits and pieces, mostly from French and Spanish…

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Before the advent of designer activewear, women’s sportswear ranked low on the list of fashion priorities. But a new exhibition demonstrates that sporting attire has long been a valuable tool for self-expression and an important path towards greater liberation.