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an old fashioned font and numbers are displayed
The Vintage Speedball Textbook
The Vintage Speedball Textbook – PRINT Magazine
the wolf man movie poster with two men on one side and an image of a monkey on
HM-123 Wolf Man Classic Horror Movie Posters
a drawing of a man standing in front of a green background with the words noster written on it
the back of a business card for walton's tourist home
Walton's Tourist Home, Berwick, Pa.
an old advertisement for railroad hotel in cleveland, ohio
Railroad Hotel, Opposite Steam Boat Landing, Cleveland, Ohio
an old business card for a horse shoer in lancaster pa, ca 1900's
the box is on top of the table with other items in it and there are two children's games
Weston Country Store
a barber shop sign hanging from the side of a pole with red, white and blue stripes
Weston Country Store
the sign for chef's best has been altered to say it is black pepper
Weston Country Store
an old tin can is sitting on the counter
Weston Country Store
two kits are on top of each other in a store
Weston Country Store
an advertisement for the hotel modern paris in green and white with black lettering on it
Hotel Moderne, Paris