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the painting depicts an angel kneeling next to a woman holding a flower in her right hand
Guido Reni catalogue raisonné, 1971 Baccheschi - Wikimedia Commons
a painting of jesus with crown of thorns on his head
Whole Dude – Whole Oppression
a painting of people standing in front of a field
Catholic Line Art, Black and White • Installment #30
an image of a painting of people at a dinner table with angels in the background
an image of the birth of jesus with angels and other people around it in a painting
The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
a painting with people standing around and sitting on the steps in front of an audience
Illumination on the Vigil - The Catholic Thing
a painting of jesus holding the baby jesus in his lap and standing next to him
Santo Natal do Senhor
the crucifixion is depicted in this painting
the statues are lined up against the wall with paintings on it's walls behind them
There's No Other Museum In America Quite Like The Museum Of Divine Statues Near Cleveland