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a bundt cake with pink icing on a white plate next to strawberries
Strawberry Pound Cake (With Strawberry Glaze!) - The Anthony Kitchen
A side view of a whole Strawberry Pound Cake sitting on a white cake plate. It has been drizzled with a pink glaze and there are fresh strawberries and flowers in the background.
5h 25m
two desserts with whipped cream, fruit and nuts in the top one has a blue sign that says old fashioned punch bowl cake
Easy Punch Bowl Cake
a cake with strawberries on top sitting on a table next to a countertop
Southern Strawberry Punch Bowl Cake Recipe -
Southern Strawberry Punch Bowl Cake Recipe -
a chocolate cake with one slice missing from it
My "Ding Dong Cake" Is So Good That All My Friends Request One for Their Birthday
Ding Dong Cake Recipe | The Kitchn
1h 41m
an image of some food being made on the appliance screen, including cookies and other items
Homemade Southern Banana Pudding
cupcakes with icing and lemon drizzled on them in a muffin tin
I've yet to attend a party where this isn't an instant hit with everyone
a bundt cake with caramel icing sitting on a plate next to a slice cut out
Banana Pound Cake
Banana Pound Cake
1h 8m
a woman standing in front of a bundt cake
Caramel-Pumpkin Turtle Pound Cake
pineapple pound cake on a cooling rack with a spoon in it and the rest of the cake being drizzled with white icing
Pineapple Pound Cake
Pineapple Pound Cake is buttery cake w/ a tropical twist. Crushed pineapple gets added to a thick batter to make a moist and rich cake.
1h 35m
sweet potato rum pound cake on a plate with the words sweet potato rum pound cake
Sweet Potato Rum Pound Cake
1h 10m