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many mushrooms are growing on the bark of a tree in an area that looks like it has been deformed
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
a painting of a fence and trees in the foggy forest with autumn leaves on it
Farm Fence
Image © Dawne Polis About the ArtistAfter 18 years of teaching high school art, Dawne Polis retired to Everafter Farm in Shushan, N.Y., where she now lives her "dream life" of making art every day. When she isn’t photographing with husband Dean or daughter Crickett, she is making Mixed Media art in her studio, staying up way too late on Photoshop, or running art workshops both here and abroad. Her work has been exhibited in solo exhibits at Southern Vermont Arts Center, and publish...
an open book sitting on top of a wooden door
Antique Books by Garry Gay
sand dunes in the desert at sunset
White Desert, Egypt | Dionys Moser. Egypt is a beautiful, magical and dangerous place. But I will go back - TG
some rocks and flowers are laying on the ground with one heart shaped rock in the middle
Heart stone with wild flower by Garry Gay
an old run down building with peeling paint on the walls and door, next to a bench
The Green Door by Jessica Berlin
By Artist Jessica Berlin Love the textures of this green door amazing capture and presentation
a field with tall grass under a cloudy sky
I Will Survive by Phil Koch
I Will Survive Photograph