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a black and white photo of a cat laying on top of a window sill
Remember me
Remember Me
a kitten sitting in a basket on top of a wooden floor next to a wall
Kitten loves its new bed - Animals
Kitten loves its new bed
a lion cub climbing up the side of a tree
via 500px / Lion in a Tree by Mario Moreno
three small kittens sitting on top of logs in front of a pile of wood
Breakfast Cat! - 12th June 2014
Aren’t these three little kitties adorable?
an orange kitten peeking out from under the covers on a floral print bedding set
Nothin' better than a little orange kitten I shall name you marmalade and all will be right with the world
a white kitten with blue eyes sitting on the floor next to a window sill
White cats are beautiful (30 photos)
White Maine Coon. The only cat I've ever wanted!!! Love them!
black and white photograph of a cat looking out from behind a wooden window sill
Moment's Mehr
a small kitten climbing up the side of a tree
a long haired cat sitting in front of a chain link fence looking at the camera
Muzzle - I think this is where one of the biggest differences is apparent. The Maine Coon has a "a squareness to the muzzle"..."visibly square". While the NFC breed standard says, "part of the straight line extending toward the base of ear without pronounced whisker pads and without pinch.." - no mention of "squareness". The Maine Coon muzzle can and should be noticeably square and the NFC muzzle is quite tapered and relatively pointed, I think.
a close up of a cat with blue eyes
Stunning Calico Kitten - 20th June 2016
Stunning Calico Kitten - 20th June 2016 - We Love Cats and Kittens More #CatAndKittens
an orange and white cat is hiding under the covers on a bed covered in blankets
72 Funny Fuzzy Animals To Brighten Your Day | CutesyPooh
an orange cat sitting on top of a white fence next to green plants and trees
De tout et de rien...
De tout et de rien...
a cat with yellow eyes looking out from behind a tree trunk and into the camera
Beautiful kitten
a tiger is sitting next to a tree in the snow and looking at something interesting