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someone is holding their skateboard with wheels attached to the shoe and flowers on it
two purple roller skates with blue and white wheels
Taffy Moxi Lolly with Fundae wheels
a pair of roller skates with purple and green wheels on the ground next to a tree
Prove your humanity
a pair of purple shoes with white laces and wooden soles on the bottom
Feast your eyes on these purple suede 875 Silver Stars that just came off the production line! #customskates #iceskates #figureskates #Riedell
a pair of yellow boots with blue flowers on them
Looking for skates with top performance AND personality? Christine, former competitive figure skater and current Riedell Europe rep, has it all! Her custom Riedell 2010 Fusion boots are complete with a splash of color and classic embroidery. How will you stand out on the ice?
a close up of a skateboard with flowers in the background
Riedell 3200 color lab full custom
Ginger Skates
a pair of roller skates with butterfly wings on them
Roller Derby, Girls Roller Skates
a woman sitting on the back of a pink backpack in front of a white truck