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the beginner's guide to amigurmi with text overlay that reads, magic ring single crochet invisible decrease fastening off
Learn amigurumi basics
Learn amigurumi basics. In the beginners guide to amigurumi we`ll go through all elementary stitches and techniques you`ll need to start your first amigurumi project. Video included!
someone is knitting something with yarn on their fingers
Magic Ring Crochet Tutorial
Crochet Stitch Tutorial: How to do the Magic Circle.
the crochet stitch is being worked on with a purple and orange yarn needle
How To Crochet a Clean Edge Along a Rough Edge
a crochet hook with the words how to crochet an oval on it
How to crochet an oval shape - without counting stitches -
the before and after photo shows how to crochet with no gap in this video
How to Crochet Straight Edges Every Time | Littlejohn's Yarn
Lemon peel crochet stitch
instructions to crochet the first stitch in a row
𓆩   ♡   𓆪
a pair of white headphones with pink bows tied to them are being held up by someone's hand