Portland Beer Week!

Brewvana is no cutesy nonsense nickname. The people of Portland take their city's brewtastic status seriously and Portland Beer Week is just another shining…
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a building with the words eclipse brewing painted on it's side and outside windows
Ecliptic Brewing
Kickoff party at Ecliptic Brewing on June 5th will include a variety of craft beers and live music!
a close up of a beer glass with the label burnside brewing co on it
Burnside Brewing Co.
Burnside Brewing Co. is hosting the 4th Annual Fruit Beer Festival, June 7 & 8, so get your tickets now at http://www.fruitbeerfest.com/
a glass of water sitting on top of a wooden table next to a sign that says rev nats
Reverend Nat's Hard Cider
Beer Versus Cider will be happening at Reverend Nat's Hard Cidery & Taproom on June 8th at 6pm, featuring beer, cider, and cheese pairings from Cheese Bar and Upright Brewing. Tickets are $31 and can be purchased at http://portland.strangertickets.com/events/15804431/beer-vs-ciderupright-vs-reverend-nats-cheese-pairings
there are several different types of beer on the shelves
Imperial Bottle Shop & Taproom - Division
The first annual Weird Beer Fest will be hosted by Imperial Bottle Shop & Taproom on June 12th! Caution: not for the picky palate and Keeping Portland (beer) Weird one taste at a time.
the outside of a restaurant with a sign hanging from it's side
EastBurn is hosting the Rye Beer Fest in its third year on June 13th and will be serving 20 different varieties aimed at the rye beer enthusiast! The event is free and goes from 4pm-Close.
there are many different types of beer on the table
Hopworks BikeBar
Get ready for the ALL-DAY PUB CRAWL beginning at noon on June 14th and taking place on N. Mississippi & N. Williams avenues! Hopworks BikeBar is one of the must-see stops so meet up for an epic adventure in North Portland pubs!
the ceiling in this restaurant is covered with wood planks and exposed beams, along with overhead lighting
5th Quadrant
5th Quadrant is another stop on the all-day pub crawl on June 14th of N. Mississippi & N. Williams Avenues! Try to keep up!
four glasses filled with beer sitting on top of a wooden table
Prost! is an important stop on the all-day pub crawl on June 14th of N. Mississippi & N. Williams Avenues! Home of an enormous imported brew selection and a fabulous back patio.
a glass filled with beer sitting on top of a wooden table
The Commons Brewery
Portland Beer & Cheese Fest will be taking place at The Commons Brewery on Sunday June 15th at Noon. The line-up will feature cheese selections by Steve Jones of Cheese Bar, snacks from Chop Butchery and Charcuterie, and beers from the best regional brewers! Tickets are $35 and you can purchase them at http://portlandbeerandcheese.com/
an open box filled with assorted donuts on top of brown paper bages
Blue Star Donuts
Blue Star Donuts, which specializes in "donuts for grownups," will be featuring an especially beer-y option to celebrate Portland Beer Week!
people sitting at picnic tables in front of a lardo restaurant with green umbrellas
Lardo East
Lardo East & West will be offering a brewtastic sandwich special for the occasion!
a sign hanging from the side of a building that says salt and straw on it
Salt & Straw
Salt & Straw shops all over the city will also be featuring beer-inspired ice cream flavors!