Sensory play.

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a young child playing with an interactive rainbow game on a table in front of a sign that says can you make a?
flowers and beads are arranged in the shape of numbers next to a bowl of beads
Counting with Flowers
children are playing with an egg carton made out of sand and eggshells
The CUTEST bird nest sensory bin
The CUTEST bird nest sensory bin – Raising Loving Littles
a wooden box filled with red, white and blue decorations that says presidents day sensory bin for little learners
Presidents Day sensory bin patriotic
a plastic container filled with lots of different types of buttons
there are many toys on the blue rug
Our Dr. Suess inspired sensory!
a plastic container filled with lots of crafting supplies
Unicorn Play Kit | Unicorn Sensory Bin | Montessori Play Kit | Gift for Kids | Kids Sensory Play | Gift for Toddlers | Toddler Activities
Bring joy directly to your home with our unicorn play kit! As parents we are always looking for ways to keep our littles entertained and sensory play will do just that! A perfect opportunity for kids to explore and guide their own play which leads to more engagement and learning. Get ready to watch them enter a magical world of all things that sparkle and shine! Included in the Unicorn play kit are: rainbow rice with pearls foam flowers (color varies) heart charms rainbow charms assorted glitt
how to color rice for sensory play with colorful sprinkles in the bowl
there is a book and some beads in the bin on the floor next to it