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an aquarium filled with plants and rocks on top of a wooden table next to a lamp
a fish in a jar filled with rocks and plants
Makes Me Happy Monday : My Fish Bowl
This is Abercrombie fish. I saw him in a pet store and immediately thought how cool it would be to have him in a jar in our house because he would MATCH our den. Yes. I really thought that. I bough…
Garden terrace
dragonfly brooch pin for woman beads crystals handmade брошь вышитая из бисера и кристаллов
🎲🤺Bored of game nights? It's over🎲🤺
an orchid in a glass dome with moss on the floor next to a ball and vase
Brilliant, Bright And Beautiful Bell Jar Ideas - Bored Art
Brilliant, Bright And Beautiful Bell Jar Ideas - Bored Art
the cover of how to analize people speed read people, analyzing body language and personality types
How to Analyze People: Speed Read People, Analyze Body Language & Personality Types (Ei Master)
a book cover with a fingerprint on it and the words self reliance written in red
Ralph Waldo Emerson's Self Reliance: A modern-day interpretation of a self-help classic (Infinite Success)