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an advertisement with the words puranii yadon kiye jagan nah hai
teen dost🧘‍♀️
an apple cider ad with the words and i don't even like you that much wait, i do, fock
the cover of how people can change from strangers to friends into lovers and strangers again
strange by celeste
an ad for spotify with the caption'wish i could turn you back into a stranger '
eventually - tame impala
an ad for spotify's life to me 5 seconds of summer, with the caption that reads and now i wish we never met cause you're too hard to forget to forget
a white poster with the words nobody stays the same no matter how much you want it
an ad for spotify with the caption it's crazy how we're strangers
an old photo with the quote we were so good, weren't we?
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a man sitting in front of a window with the words change pt2 on it
a red square with the words, but i cut people out like tags on my clothing
a woman with long black hair standing in front of a brown background and text that reads,
a blue ocean with the words, we can't even speak, but you stay on my mind
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