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a green leaf sticking out of a small jar filled with cream cheese and bread on a cutting board
Bärlauch-Feta Creme {Rezept} - Casa di Falcone
there is a bowl of food with spoons in it
there is a bowl of guacamole with a pickle on the side
Avocado Frischkäse Dip
there is a bowl with carrot sticks in it and the words thermomiia fan - receipt
Paprika Feta Creme , wie vom Wochenmarkt scharf
thermomiia pan - receipt is displayed in front of a bowl of dip
Dip für Gemüse-Sticks o. Streifen, sehr lecker und schnell
a glass container filled with white sauce and green garnish
Sour-Cream die BESTE (wie bei John Benton)
a bowl filled with powdered food on top of a black countertop next to a white wall
Knoblauch-Käse-Creme wie vom Feinkostladen
three different types of dips on a wooden board with bread in the back ground
Rezept für 4 schnelle & herzhafte Aufstriche - perfekt zum Grillen [Kräuter/Knoblauch/Lachs/Paprika-Feta]
Brotaufstrich mit Knoblauch, Kräuter und Zitrone, Lachscreme und Paprika-Feta-Creme