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a red chair sitting on top of a wooden table next to a tall glass building
METCHA | Why LA's Bonaventure Hotel perseveres as an emblem of the city
a white building sitting in the middle of a forest next to a body of water
Sol LeWitt - Double Negative Pyramid (1999)
an open door leading to a set of stairs with steps on each side and a hand rail at the bottom
Nostalgia for the future: documenting Bucharest's crumbling modernist heritage - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)
an old concrete building sitting next to a small pond
Incredible. I want an internal koi moat!
an empty room with windows and steps leading up to it
Carlo Scarpa
Carlo Scarpa
the shadow of a palm tree is cast on the side of a concrete building that's against a blue sky
Sculptural Architecture And European Refinement In A Brighton Residence | Habitus Living
two windows on the side of a building
Our inspiration from modern architecture | HOLY TRINITY
Precise lines and form serve as the design foundation for our lamps at HOLY TRINITY. Inspiration for new design elements in our products often stems from the faceted realm of architecture. On our blog, we will show you impressive creations from all over the world and share the stories behind them. #HLYTRNTY #holytrinitylights #architecture
a tall building with palm trees in front of it
These Are The UK's New Hotspots For Young Renters
These Are The UK’s New Hotspots For Young Renters+#refinery29uk
an open door on the side of a building next to a small pool of water
carlo scarpa - brion-vega cemetery
an image of the inside of a building that looks like it is going to fall down
Åke E:son Lindman -
an empty room with two windows and a table in the middle is surrounded by concrete columns
Carlos Scarpa: Modernism in Detail
Nest Studio: Carlos Scarpa: Modernism in Detail
an urban area with lots of buildings and plants growing on the sides of each building
Isaac Wilks on Twitter
mara 🥀 (@maracrrt) / Twitter