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a wooden table sitting in the middle of a living room next to a large window
Boho Chic Feast: Rustic Wood Dining Delight
an image of a kitchen with wood cabinets and marble counter tops, which is also on instagram
Idea to Steal: Understated Terrazzo - Apartment34
a circular diagram with five steps
32,694 Infographic Diagram High Res Vector Graphics
an info sheet with yellow circles and dots in the middle, on a dark background
a drawing of a circular object in blue and yellow
This is the most beautiful data visualization of all time, according to Reddit
an image of the earth with different types of lights on it and text that reads extraterrestial impact
34,000 Meteorite Impacts Vizualized | Amazing Science
a blue poster with an image of the moon and stars on it's side
Edeux : Photos
a white circle with red circles on it and words in the center that are connected to each other
Boris Müller | Poetry on the Road 2006
the world's most popular music bands infographical poster by person, via flick
an image of a black background with circles and dots in the shape of a circle
Pirelli WORLD – Issue 2/2015 – Connections
an info board with numbers and symbols on it, including the sun's solar system
The more the merrier..? Dataviz for #wsd2015 challenge
the graph shows that there are many different types of waves
MINERVA - Data Visualization & Kant's work