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a computer desk with a laptop and other items on it, including a monitor screen
iDesk concept looks awesome
iDesk (concept) Adam Benton
stiff upper lip
Typography image inspiration on Designspiration
stiff upper lip
there are many stairs painted on the side of this building and cars parked in front
+80 Photos Introduction to Street Art Utopia
a red stop sign with the word worrying written on it in front of a cloudy sky
28 beloved Street Art Photos – August 2011
the words know them are written in black ink
Love it
Take what you need Love, Words Of Wisdom
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Take what you need
a woman sitting on top of a bed next to a window reading a book and holding a coffee mug
Funnies on this Thursday
Fancy word for what im doing half the time.
someone is trying to open an electrical outlet
Power Up Arcade Light Switch Plate Enables Your Gaming Addiction | OhGizmo!
power up light switch. Doing!
a candle in a glass bottle hanging from a chain
Ecofriendly hanging wine bottle lantern CLEAR by firststepdesigns - Glass Crafts
an image of lines that appear to be in different directions
When you see it...
Word-as-image fun from Ji Lee.
an image of a website with many different things on it, including the logo and colors
I N T E R A C T I V E / WOWIE ZOWIE!!! - webdesign 3D render